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We are CLF Technology

Our team aims to serve local businesses and drive them to new heights. We understand that there is no limit to what we can achieve for you. We ensure that all of our websites are designed using modern tools and the latest security protocols. Each computer we build uses the latest technologies and goes through our state of the art stress testing platform. 



The first step of our process is the consultation. This is where we will discuss what services you need and what your ultimate goals are. It is important that you provide us with everything you need, so we can find the perfect service for you. Our team will provide you with a quote and if you hire us, we will move on to step 2 and begin working on the project.



In this step, we will provide a general overview of everything we have planned for you. If you need a website, our team will provide a visual sitemap and design images. For our custom computers, we will send you the specifications of the build. This allows you the opportunity to request changes if needed.


Finished Product

After a few weeks of designing and developing, we will present you with the finished project. You can look over it and give us a list of your revisions. We will have the changes done in a few days and everything will be complete. We can then move on to the SEO and marketing aspect, which will be conducted over the next few months.



Once the website is done, we will handle all of the SEO and marketing. This will ensure that your new website is showing up on Google/Bing and attracting new customers. We provide each of our clients with a customized SEO platform that will drive each unique business forward. We will keep you updated on everything we do during this process

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